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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Future of EtsyKnitters

As promised, here is the information regarding the EtsyKnitters Street Team and Yahoo Group.

EtsyKnitters mission statement: To provide a virtual knitting circle where Etsy Knitters around the world can sit, chat and knit. All knitting and Etsy-related topics are welcome.

EtsyKnitters application process: Although the EtsyKnitters Street Team page will not be updated until Monday of next week, we have altered the application process. Now to become a member of EtsyKnitters, one will need to submit an application through our Yahoo Group.

Yet, in order to complete the application process, we need your help. To the right is a poll asking you whether or not future new members should be required to have a certain amount of knitting related items within their Etsy store. Please let us know your opinion on the matter. If you don't like either option, leave a comment stating what you would do and why.

Book of Etiquette:
* Please keep posts positive and respectful.
* Negative comments will not be tolerated.
* Do not post anything that is inappropriate.
* Shameless self promotion is restricted to a 4 line signature.
* Feel free to post local knitting events.

EtsyKnitters on Ravelry: Everybody is welcome to join this group. It does not matter if you are a member of EtsyKnitters or not. The more, the merrier. The link.

Announcement of the new moderators:
Marie of KnittedGems-Moderator/Owner
Mette of KnittingMette-Moderator
Sherri of SherriCrochets-Moderator

More information on each of these moderators will posted over the next two weeks.

Introduction of your new blog author:
Marie of Knitted Gems

Hopefully, I have answered some of your questions. Please feel free to ask me about anything I omitted. Thank you!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Under Construction

Forgive me for the lack of information on the EtsyKnitters Street Team. The team is under new management. We are busy lining up our needles (I couldn't resist the pun). I'll be posting information on the following very shortly:

  • EtsyKnitters mission statement
  • EtsyKnitters application process
  • EtsyKnitters short and sweet Book of Etiquette
  • EtsyKnitters on Ravelry
  • Announcement of the new moderators
  • Introduction of your new author

Stay tuned!
(It won't be long; I promise!)

Until then, what do you think of the new avatar?