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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meet Your Moderators, v2

Allow me to introduce our 2nd moderator, KnittingMette.

You may recognize the name. She's been featured on this blog before. Not only did she design our mascot, Ann, but she also participated in our first YFF (Yarn Forward Friday).

The person behind KnittingMette is, well, Mette. In case you were wondering, I've already asked; it is a Danish name meaning strength with roots back to the days of the Vikings. It is pronounced m(et)-te.

Mette loves to introduce herself as a Dane living in Italy though she has called Italy home for 30+ years. She currently resides in Pisa, Italy, famous for its Leaning Tower, with her husband.

Her two children are grown and out of the house, leaving her time to do what she loves: teach, design, and knit.

On the other hand, our mascot Ann, who is a few years younger than Mette, is busy growing her family. She recently became the proud mother of a red-headed girl.

Since a woman can only have so many children of her own (lest someone start mentioning the word rabbit and Ann's name in the same sentance; that would be embarrassing), Ann started her own Ravelry group to create more knitted women and children.

Of course, when Ann is not busy with her family, she is knitting alongside Mette. Their most recent creation is Fritz the clown.

Be sure to stop by Mette's Etsy store and say Hello. You will find it filled with knitted toys, PDF patterns, and other fun gifts.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meet Your Moderators, v1

EtsyKnitters has 3 moderators: myself, KnittingMette and SherriCrochets. Over the next week, you will be introduced to each of them in reverse alphebetical order. That makes SherriCrochets first.

Who is the person behind SherriCrochets? Well, Sherri, of course. Katrina is the monkey behind SherriCrochets though. You'd rather meet a monkey than just another human, right? Naturally. So, without further ado....

This would be Katrina, not Sherri.

Katrina is a year old. She was designed and handknitted by Sherri. Like other monkeys, she likes bananas and figs. She loves to play pretend; humans are so much fun to imitate. Most of all, she loves to curl up next to a human child; they hug you so tightly.

Well, perhaps you would like to know a little bit about Sherri. She is a devoted wife and mother of 3. The eldest son and his wife are expecting their first baby and Sherri's first grandbaby. The youngest son is currently being home-schooled by Sherri. The middle child is caught in the middle, attending middle school.

Now you may wonder, if Sherri knits, why does her business name have the word crochet in it? Because she's a two-timing crafter. She can crochet and knit. Crochet was her first love and the craft that she is quicker and more proficient with. Knitting came later.

Be sure to stop by and say Hi to Katrina in SherriCrochets.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Our New Look

EtsyKnitters is sporting a new look these days!

Last week, we asked you to vote on what our new avatar should look like. Though two votes were received for the vase of needles, the majority of the votes went to Ann, the knitting doll. Rightly so! Every team needs a mascot.

Rest assured, Ann won't be found on the sideline of a football game doing somersaults anytime soon. She is too busy trying to finish her pink scarf.

Etsy and Yahoo Group Avatar:

Ravelry Avatar:

New banner for Etsy Street Team page:

KnittingMette designed, knitted and photographed our mascot, Ann.

Handmades by Lorri designed the fancy letters for EtsyKnitters.

A warm thank you to each for their contributions!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Yarn Forward Fridays

Today we started the tradition of hosting a weekly Promotional Thread in the Etsy Forums.

Titled Yarn Forward Fridays, the first thread can be found here. If you have any knitting related items that you listed this week (or this month; I know how long it takes to knit large items), please stop by and tell us all about it.

Below is just a sampling of the items featured already in the YFF.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Votes are In

The question posed to all members of EtsyKnitters as well as to members of the Ravelry EtsyKnitters group was the following:

Should a minimum requirement of knitting related items be set that new members would have to meet? It was explained that old members will be grandfathered in and thus not required to meet any chosen bench marks.

The results are in. Thank you to everyone who voted!

65% of EtsyKnitters said that they wanted to impose a 25% requirement to future members.

Complete list of votes

Yahoo Group poll
9 votes receieved
7 voted Yes (they want a 25% minimum)
2 voted No (open to all who love to knit)

Poll Daddy on Blog
10 votes received
6 voted Yes
4 voted No

Original poll on Blog (removed due to service errors)
1 vote received
1 voted No

Total votes
20 votes received
13 voted Yes
7 voted No

Thus, as mentioned, 65% of the group believes we should have a 25% minimum requirement.

Both Currently for Sale and Sold items will be reviewed in a potential member's Etsy store. If 25% of his/her items are dedicated to the knitting craft, we will welcome him/her into our virtual knitting circle.
Should any new members not be able to meet the 25% minimum, they will be informed of the shortfall and encouraged to join again in the future when their Etsy store has more knitting related items available.

Want to vote again?
Of course, you do.

The new question is which avatar do you like better?

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

Hating all of the above is an option too. Let's call that option E.

Please vote for A, B, C, D or E.
Thank you!