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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meet Your Moderators, v1

EtsyKnitters has 3 moderators: myself, KnittingMette and SherriCrochets. Over the next week, you will be introduced to each of them in reverse alphebetical order. That makes SherriCrochets first.

Who is the person behind SherriCrochets? Well, Sherri, of course. Katrina is the monkey behind SherriCrochets though. You'd rather meet a monkey than just another human, right? Naturally. So, without further ado....

This would be Katrina, not Sherri.

Katrina is a year old. She was designed and handknitted by Sherri. Like other monkeys, she likes bananas and figs. She loves to play pretend; humans are so much fun to imitate. Most of all, she loves to curl up next to a human child; they hug you so tightly.

Well, perhaps you would like to know a little bit about Sherri. She is a devoted wife and mother of 3. The eldest son and his wife are expecting their first baby and Sherri's first grandbaby. The youngest son is currently being home-schooled by Sherri. The middle child is caught in the middle, attending middle school.

Now you may wonder, if Sherri knits, why does her business name have the word crochet in it? Because she's a two-timing crafter. She can crochet and knit. Crochet was her first love and the craft that she is quicker and more proficient with. Knitting came later.

Be sure to stop by and say Hi to Katrina in SherriCrochets.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I know I will never forget Sherri OR Katrina! Great write-up, thank you.