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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Etsy Knitters Teams says 'I Do' again

The Etsy Knitters Team says: ‘I DO’ … To ETSY’S 2009 Handmade Wedding Series.

For the 2nd year in a row, the Etsy Knitters Team, an international group of talented and successful knitters, has challenged its members to create items that represent the love and beauty of a wedding through the art of knitting.

Throughout the month of June 2009, members of the Etsy Knitters Team will present handmade wedding items to the public through These items will encompass a wide range of wedding finery including bridal accessories, traditional wedding fare and even special items for the honeymoon. The stipulation to each member is “If you can dream it and it can represent the art of knitting, then one is encouraged to partake in the ‘I Do’ Wedding Challenge.”

The catalyst for the Etsy Knitters Team’s ‘I Do’ wedding challenge was’s Handmade Wedding Series. Rather than participate individually, the team felt that they could be more successful promoting their hand knit wedding items if they collaborated. After countless hours of designing and knitting, the Etsy Knitters Team is proud to present the ‘I Do’ Wedding Challenge.

To search for challenge items, please type in the words “ido2009” and “etsyknitters team” into Etsy’s search engine or click this link. Members will be listing their offerings to the challenge throughout the entire month. Each item will include the special ‘I Do 2009” Wedding Challenge graphic as the 5th photo. Be sure to visit Etsy and search often.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Featuring Knitters on Blogs

The High Plains Knitter has started a new series on her blog featuring Etsy knitters and crocheters.

Her most recent post features an Etsy Knitters Team member: Elena of Passion Knits.
"I think the name of her shop tells a lot about Elena. She has a passion for knitting and for fiber. Her shop is full of bright, gorgeous, creative items that just make you want to reach into the computer and touch them", says The High Plains Knitter.
To read the full story, please go here.

If you would like to have your Etsy store featured on The High Plains Knitter's blog, please contact her directly.


Additionally, Beverly of DesignBCB is actively looking for Etsy sellers that would like to be interviewed for Handmade Beverly is a columnist for the online magazine.

If you are interested, please contact Beverly via the Etsy forum thread she set up or via a direct Etsy email.