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Thursday, December 2, 2010


I am pleased to announce that the winner of the Etsy Knitters "Winter Warmers" Team Challenge is this fantastic baby hat by Ellen of Dream Knits by Ellen. A very worthy winner and best-seller (kindly modelled by customer Allison's son Garrett).

Ellen is an expert knitter with a lifetime of experience that is reflected in her beautiful knits and I hope you enjoy getting to know her.
My name is Ellen.
I was born in Ukraine and moved to United States 17 years ago.
I have a daughter, two sons and two precious grandchildren.

I discovered knitting when I was six years old. If I could, I would knit 24/7. I knit everything, starting with a sweater with complicated patterns and ending with infant baby shoes.

I come up with the ideas as I knit. I only know what I am about to make, a hat or a pair of mittens and the ideas for the details just come pouring in. I record new pattern when the item is almost ready. It's a labor of love.

I always wanted to have my own serene and cozy knitting cafe. Then I discovered ETSY. My whole family put lots of effort to make my ETSY store the way you see it now.

I am very thankful to my customers, who kindly share pictures of their children wearing my creations. Here is my customer Angie's daughter Luna modelling my "Moose" hat. My customers are also a source of the ideas. I use mostly good quality cashmere and wool occasionally for my products.

My personal favorites are the "Owl" hat and the "Valentine's Day Glove". My "Valentine's Day Glove" was featured in "BUST" magazine FEBRUARY/MARCH issue 2010.

My bestseller is the "Mouse" hat that won me ETSY KNITTERS TEAM Challenge.

I wanted to say very special "Thank you" to Allison, Meghan and Angie for providing pictures of their children.
I love being a part of ETSY and member of ETSYKNITTERS TEAM. I met so many wonderful people here.
My major reward as an artisan is to know that my customers love and enjoy to wear my creations.