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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introduction - Sara - ModernShop

Hello All,
     I am one of the new bloggers and I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Sara and my Etsy shop is I hand dye my own yarn, I spin yarn, crochet, and knit. Also, some of my sewing and painting items will show up in my shop from time to time. I'm really happy to help with this blog and I hope the new management can help get this place up and running will all the new changes that are happening. I'd be glad to help anyone if they have any questions about knitting/crocheting/dyeing. These are some of my passions, as I'm sure they are yours as well, and I can't wait to start the blog up with the other 3 bloggers.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Changes are in the works!

Behind the scenes there have been changes! New moderators, new bloggers, and new energy to fuel our team!

We now have 4, count them, 4 bloggers! We're working on a schedule for blogging, and we would love your input about topics. After all, we're all here to work together and support each other.

I'll just mention a little about myself, and I'll let the other bloggers introduce themselves. I'm Eve, and I recently started dyeing and selling yarn as Fiber Charmer. Being self-employed, while it takes up a lot of time, also gives me the opportunity to do things like volunteer for this team. I'm also active in the Atlanta Knitting Guild, being the junior vice president of programs this year, segueing into vice president of programs for the 2011-2012 year. Besides dyeing yarn, which is a relatively new craft for me, I knit, sew, quilt, cook, know how to crochet and tat, and do some half-a**ed gardening. I learned canning earlier this year, and I went a bit mad making relishes with the masses of cucumbers I grew this summer. I've been exploring handmade skincare also, and I took a class on soap making at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. I've done a bit of experimenting making lotion bars too.

Honestly, I know I probably have much in common with many of you. Most of us who sell our handmade goods have dabbled in many other crafts in search of the one that calls most to us. Many of us are serial crafters in that we started with one (I like to call it a gateway craft) when we were young, and have moved through many others that we have set aside, in my case needlepoint and cross stitch.

This is such a great way to be. We are always learning and expanding our knowledge. If we experience burnout in one area, we can put it into hibernation and go on to another method of meeting our need to create until that burnout passes. I'll admit that right now I've been torn between doing the dyeing that I need to do and pulling out the sewing machine and trying a new skirt pattern, which is what I want to do.

Anyway, we'll get back to business. We have gotten some feedback about blog topics, and we'd love suggestions. As I said earlier, we're all here to learn from each other and work together. I'm excited to be able to help and learn with such a great group.