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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The EtsyKnitters Team Wishes You a Happy Valentine's Day

The Etsy Knitters Team designs for the holidays.

The Etsy Knitters Team, an international group of talented and successful knitters, has challenged its members to create items that represent the festivities behind each major holiday. This year-long challenge will begin with Valentine’s Day.

The items posted by members will certainly encompass a wide range of knitted finery as well as supplies coveted by knitters. Only the member’s own imagination can set limits on the designs submitted.

January 21, 2010 through February 14, 2010
The holiday challenge related to Valentine’s Day will begin today and run up to February 14th.

Starting today through Valentine’s Day, members of the Etsy Knitters Team will present handmade items that showcase the romance and love of Valentine’s Day to the public through
To search for challenge items, please type in the name of the holiday, for example “Valentines”, and “etsyknitters team” into Etsy’s search engine or click this link. Members will be listing their offerings to the challenge up to Valentine’s Day. Be sure to visit Etsy and search often.
Additionally, the Etsy Knitters Team has set up a gallery for buyers to peruse through on Flickr.
The gallery can be located via this link.

This challenge was created to assist buyers in locating holiday-related knitting items more easily and readily.