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Monday, February 4, 2008

The Votes are In

The question posed to all members of EtsyKnitters as well as to members of the Ravelry EtsyKnitters group was the following:

Should a minimum requirement of knitting related items be set that new members would have to meet? It was explained that old members will be grandfathered in and thus not required to meet any chosen bench marks.

The results are in. Thank you to everyone who voted!

65% of EtsyKnitters said that they wanted to impose a 25% requirement to future members.

Complete list of votes

Yahoo Group poll
9 votes receieved
7 voted Yes (they want a 25% minimum)
2 voted No (open to all who love to knit)

Poll Daddy on Blog
10 votes received
6 voted Yes
4 voted No

Original poll on Blog (removed due to service errors)
1 vote received
1 voted No

Total votes
20 votes received
13 voted Yes
7 voted No

Thus, as mentioned, 65% of the group believes we should have a 25% minimum requirement.

Both Currently for Sale and Sold items will be reviewed in a potential member's Etsy store. If 25% of his/her items are dedicated to the knitting craft, we will welcome him/her into our virtual knitting circle.
Should any new members not be able to meet the 25% minimum, they will be informed of the shortfall and encouraged to join again in the future when their Etsy store has more knitting related items available.

Want to vote again?
Of course, you do.

The new question is which avatar do you like better?

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

Hating all of the above is an option too. Let's call that option E.

Please vote for A, B, C, D or E.
Thank you!


Sherri Crochets said...

I like them both, but not so much for the lettering. I'd like the Knitted Babe better without the pink letters. Maybe it's the font that turns me off????


One Happy Tree said...

I love the first one but not the lettering. All caps in that font doesn't seem right. Can we change the font? I love the first one!

Knitted Gems said...

Thank you for your comments!

I updated the font a bit by removing the all caps. Is this any better?

One Happy Tree said...

I agree with Sherri, perhaps it's the font. I do like the second one though since you've changed the caps. Perhaps a less decorative font?

Knitted Gems said...

This time I actually listened to you. I mean I heard you the first time, but I really love cursive font and thought you just weren't seeing it right. =)
I've uploaded two more options. Both sport non-cursive fonts.

SherriCrochets said...

I like the non-cursive ones! The one with the needles is cool, but you can't really tell it's knitting needles as well as you can see the little knitted doll knitting. Cute!

metteb said...

I like the doll.... what a kind of doll-maker am I if I should NOT vote for her!
for the fonts? I prefer comic sans... but it's not so important!

hauntedpalace said...

My vote is for D.

Christabel said...

I vote for option C. C is for cute!