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Monday, February 11, 2008

Our New Look

EtsyKnitters is sporting a new look these days!

Last week, we asked you to vote on what our new avatar should look like. Though two votes were received for the vase of needles, the majority of the votes went to Ann, the knitting doll. Rightly so! Every team needs a mascot.

Rest assured, Ann won't be found on the sideline of a football game doing somersaults anytime soon. She is too busy trying to finish her pink scarf.

Etsy and Yahoo Group Avatar:

Ravelry Avatar:

New banner for Etsy Street Team page:

KnittingMette designed, knitted and photographed our mascot, Ann.

Handmades by Lorri designed the fancy letters for EtsyKnitters.

A warm thank you to each for their contributions!


Karen said...

Nice to have an identity symbol now - great job!

Siddis-in-houston said...

I will join to, this is my store:

Cherie said...

Good words.