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Monday, May 26, 2008

What's in Your Bag???

This week we're looking at knitted hand bags and taking a survey. Etsy knitters will be spotlighting hand bags and telling us what they always carry in their bags. We also have a poll running to determine what our readers believe is their most important item they carry in their bag. Please take a moment to join our poll to the right.

Starting things off, I'd like to spotlight 2 bags that are beautifully designed and can hold a lot of items:

The Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag by Knittingdream. Madeline of knittingdream designs and sells the knit patterns in her etsy shop. I have seen these bags in person, as I have the fabulous pleasure of knowing Madeline personally! I have also knit one myself as a Christmas present this past season as a gift for my Mom. Believe me when I say that these bags will hold a lot!! And, they are gorgeous!

One of my other personal favorites, and is on my list to try for myself is Tyger Lily's Wishbone Cable Handbag. This beautiful pattern designed by tygerlily is available for sale in her etsy shop as a downloadable PDF file as well. You can make one for yourself!

Now, empty your handbags and tell me how much stuff you carry in it!

Right now, mine is pretty much limited to a wallet that I carry my cash, cards, and business cards in. When I do carry a bag I've been using my Spinnin' Wheels Backpack. I love how much stuff I can fit in it! I carry my phone, wallet, sunglasses, notebook, digital camera, and my 'Wee Wallet' stuffed with business cards. The PDF is available in my shop for the backpack pattern.

What's in your bag?


KiKiBowns said...

Car keys! sunglasses, a pen, hairclips, lip gloss, wallet. Soon to be followed by business cards. It all fits in here, my prototype:

Lil Brit Knits said...

Those bags are adorable! - I'm right now using my hand knitted diaper bag! - with three little ones, I have nappies, wipes, a pretend bottle for my daughters baby doll and a toy car!

Rachel said...

All of these bags are beautiful! Great colors and patterns!

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

What great bags!!!

My must haves: keys, wallet, iphone, ipod, lipglosses, spare change, sunglasses.

My I wish I remembered to put them in my bags: earbuds, eyeglass cleaner, sugarless gum, digital camera.

Christine said...

I carry far too much in my handbag (all essentials of course!) Besides my wallet, there is a diary, a small sketchbook (never know when ideas will strike, mobile phone, sunglasses, reading glasses, ipod, pens, lipstick in a mirror case, business cards, brush, comb, mints, tissues, charm bracelet, feminine hygiene stuff. I wish I had room to carry my camera & a book.

Fuzzy Bunny Knits said...

great list of items! I guess I'll need to design a much bigger bag!! :)

Becki said...

Wow, that's a dangerous question... I'll stick with the bag I've been using lately. Um, car keys, house keys, lip balm, a black pen, a blue hi-liter w/ those nifty little sticky-tabs that you can pull out of it, um... Trident gum, cell phone, pill case, and most importantly, a few smaller knitting projects. : )

Those bags are so gorgeous!

Cyndie said...

I used to carry small bags, filled to the brim with ? Now I carry a huge bag and very few items inside it. Go figure!

bubolina said...

such pretty and creative designs. these bags are amazing