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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Challenge Winner

Pumpkin Pouch

The Pumpkin Pouch won the Fall Challenge hosted by the Etsy Military Brat Team.

The pouch was designed by Shelley Bossert of Ursa Minor Miniatures. The pouch was then hand knitted and hand beaded by Shelley.

Unfortunately, the pouch is no longer for sale. It was given away as a gift.

Allow me to tempt you with another of her pouch creations.

Bead Knitted Blossom Pouch

This pattern, like all Shelley's work, is her own design. It was hand knit using 3,000+ size 8/0 Czech glass mix. The pouch itself was knitted with #8 Finca pearl cotton on a 000 cable needle.

Knitters, if you would prefer to knit a pouch like the ones shown, please contact Shelley directly via her Etsy store.

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