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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 5 of the Holiday Calendar

December 5th

17 days till Hanukkah
20 days till Christmas
26 days till the New Year
32 days till 3 Kings Day

Some of my fondest childhood Holiday memories are of baking with my family. So, I was thrilled to see a Holiday recipe designed especially for baking with children. If you don't have any children of your own, borrow a relative or your neighbor's children.

Kid-Friendly Gingerbread Houses
Instructions contributed by Nikki.

Nikki is the owner of two Etsy stores: My 7 Kids and Heart Felt Fun.

My7kids store sells high-end fiber yarns from recycled sweaters, which are then hand-dyed.

The HeartFeltFun store sells hand knitted items, and felted items made from the sweaters that can't be unraveled for yarn for whatever reason (already felted, bad seams, etc.)

This Holiday Calendar is sponsored by the Etsy Knitters Team.To find out more about the group, please visit our team page.

Etsy Knitters Team's Holiday Calendar will run through 3 Kings Day, January 6th. Join us as we count down the days till Hanukkah, Christmas, the New Year and 3 Kings Day. Each day will feature one of the following: a link to a free knitting pattern, a link to a free tutorial on making handmade Holiday decorations, a free holiday recipe, or a picture of a holiday item for sale.


SleightGirl said...

I used to loooooove making gingerbread houses as a kid...I should try making one this's been so long.

Sherri Bush, Sherri Crochets said...

Too cool! My kids love making gingerbread houses. We'll have to try the "homemade" method over the store bought method this year.

metteb said...

Oh.... I just remember that I've got a box from Ikea with a DIY gingerbread house!!!
My mum made many houses every year for friends' and family's kids.
Please have a look here:

(I'll translate into English asap)