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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fruit of Our Labor

Happy Earth Day!

I humbly submit the first of my occasional "Two-for-Tuesday" entries - as a long-time knitting novice on a fairly recent and very steep learning curve.  

My passion for knitting blossomed late last fall and carried me through the winter as my gardens slept.  But now that warmer and greener days are upon us, knitting is beginning compete with my other passion - gardening.  So I've worked a compromise by which I rake, dig, plant, mulch, water and weed in the garden until I'm too sore to move and then I sit down to knit.  Problem solved!

I love this week's theme and I had a great time scouring our EtsyKnittersTeam shops to find something great to show you.  As it turns out there are so many great things, and I found myself thinking two isn't enough.  But there are many more chances to show you more later.  So here they are -

The cap is by BurryBabies and calls to mind the fact that my parents called me pumpkin head until I was 3 because I had - well, a big head - and I was bald.  More than you needed to know, I'm sure.  The adorable basket with fruit and veggies is from LilBritKnits.  Be sure to check out theirs and other EtsyKnitters shops, and come back and visit us here often!

Have a great and "fruitful" day!  (Sorry, couldn't help myself) 



Fuzzy Bunny Knits said...


metteb said...


Sherri Crochets & Crafts said...

Those are so cute! And I love the pumpkin head baby name story. Too funny!

Rachel said...

So wonderful! I would totally wear that pumpkin hat even as an adult! :)

Karen said...

What a fun post! Absolutely love the items picked to show off - they are adorable.