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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fuzzy Theme continued

Fuzzy Bunny Knits kicked off the week with a Fuzzy Bunnies for Spring theme. Rather than search for more bunnies, I chose to cut the theme up into individual words and just focus on 'fuzzy'.

After knitting a mohair stole for my Aunt, I have soft spot for fuzzy yarns. The mohair was wonderful to work with, so long as I never had to rip stitches out. After ripping one row out, I vowed to leave all futures errors in place. Even if somebody stared at the stole for an hour, I'd be willing to bet a hundred dollars s/he wouldn't find the errors. The fuzzy yarn hid them like needles in a haystack. Plus, the stole was incredibly warm and kept my legs toasty during the winter nights I knit on it.

So, without further ado, below are six Fuzzy items handmade by members of the Etsy Knitters Street Team.

1. Snow in Spring knitted Headband by Adripratt

2. Black Fuzzy knit scarf by Jen Wolf Studio

3. Bold and Sassy - Basketweave Collection Neck Wear by Ohmay Designs

4. Sunshine Shawl by Knitting Guru

5. Hello Gawgeous Scarf by Lovely Day Designs

6. Easter Egg Skinny Scarf by Knitting Bag


Karen said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love what you picked to show off.

metteb said...

lovely works!

Cyndie said...

It all looks so nice together! Beautiful things!