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Friday, April 25, 2008

Redbud Tree and Etsy Knitters

My favorite tree in my garden this time of year is an Eastern Redbud tree. Like almost all the plants in my garden, it was planted by the previous owner. In this particular case, it was a gift from her son Henry to replace a beloved oak tree that had died.

The rest of the year, its green leaves and short stature allows it to blend into the garden unnoticed. One almost forgets it is there. I am always pleasantly surprised when it blooms.

In honor of its Spring beauty, I picked out items handmade by Etsy Knitters that featured purple blossoms in their designs.


Cyndie said...

Nice post - ties in beautifully to the spiritual aspect of the art and crafting we do.

Debbie said...

Those trees are beautiful

Jesse Janes said...

beautiful knitted gems! thanks for adding my handbag :)